March Favorite Floater of the Month - Heather Hersey

Name: Heather L Hersey

Location: Beverly, MA 

Length of time you've been floating at home: 4 months

What made you get into floating and why do you love it?
I began floating about 5 years ago and have been all around the country experimenting with types of pods, tanks, rooms, and more…to FLOAT at home is totally awesome!!!  I LOVE it for so many reasons…

1. regular floating helps me align with healthy lifestyle, craving all that nourishes me in mind, body and soul… eating healthier, resting well, more energy to move through the day.

2. all aches and pains go away…arthritis, joints, anxiety, depression…whatever the ailment is, it seems floating is my “magic pill”

3. skin is glowing, so soft and never had dry skin this entire winter…it’s as if the PH of my body knows how to reset when I float regularly.

Any cool experiences floating that you want to share?

Each time I float, there are cool experiences.  Generally I go into deep meditation, consciously aware of the journey and other times, deep rest and healing is where I go…each time is delightful.  When I least want to make time to FLOAT, I know that sounds funny, lol… it’s when i’ve had the most profound realizations during my FLOAT.

Any tips,tricks, or advice you would share with other fellow floaters or Zen Tent owners?

Keep on FLOATING!!! I prefer to use the ear plugs as being a frequent floater, I’ve noticed my ears can otherwise get blocked if I do not and I really enjoy the complete silence.

Other Comments:

The boy here is my son, Luke who also FLOATS and helped me set the thing up, that’s how easy it was.  He’s 10 and finds that when he floats, his performance on the basketball court is focused and his body recovers more easily. Oh, the powers of Epsom Salt, Magnesium and FLOATING :-)