TFTT Episode 9 - Customizing Your Float

This week's Tales From the Tent episode is one for all home floaters.  Customizing your float; It seriously doesn't get any easier than in the Zen Float Tent. 

3 things discussed in the video:

  1. Water Temperature - Completely customizable up to .1 degree. Some floaters are more cold blooded and like their water temp higher around 94 or 95 degrees, while other floaters prefer the water colder on the 93 to 93.5 degree range. 
  2. Air Temperature - The ideal room temperature for floating is about 75 to 78 degrees but in some cases, you might not have a lot of control of the room temperature where you are floating. An inexpensive portable heater will easily take care of this problem and can be used for other cold rooms in the house as well.
  3. Music - The new My Zen App we recently released now allows you the ability to add music fade-in/fade-out tracks during your float.  Try using it with your favorite song or a relaxing zen track to enhance your float experience.