Q&A Recap - December 27th

Every other month we host a live Q&A session for our current and prospective float tent owners. This is a chance for our customers to directly interact and get all of their questions answered by the creator of the Zen Float Tent and also DIY float tank expert, Shane Stott.  

Please visit our Youtube Channel to find out when the next Live Broadcast will be taking place. 

Our Q&A's cover everything from basic setup questions, to water maintenance, to opinions on different floating related topics.  To make viewing easier, we have included bookmarks to the different questions asked in this session.  You are welcome to watch the full video or just tune into the answers you are looking for below.  

1. How do you move a float tent? 0:33

2. Are there any kind of upgrades you guys are planning on releasing such a stronger filter, etc, etc. 1:51

3. Are there extra parts available to do repairs? 3:01

4. How long does it take to filter the water in a float tent? 3:30

5. Where are most people buying epsom salts? 4:36

6. How to set up condensation flaps? 5:35

7. What have been the nature of damages needing repair? 7:48

8. Where do you put the temperature probe for proper placement? 10:15

9. Where is the best place to put your float tent? 12:01

10. If I want a tank in April, when is the latest I should place my order? 13:18

11. What is the accuracy of the temperature regulation on the heating pads? Can you manually adjust on the fly? 14:23

12. I have issues with the clicking GFCI, any suggestions? 15:51

13. Are the tents capable of muting out all distractions? 17:18

14. Some people are saying the UV filter sits on top of the water and doesn't stay on the bottom of the tent. Does this affect the filtering of the water? 18:17

15. Where can I get the Zen Float App you were talking about earlier? 20:04

16. When I go out of town for a month can I leave the heating pads off and pump off, or keep them on?21:20

17. Any problem using Reverse Osmosis (RO) water to fill the tank? 24:39

18. Is it safe to setup my tank on the second floor of an apartment building? 26:20

19. Was there any thought of using Ozone like with your tank in the basement? 28:24

20. What are your feelings for using the tank for commercial use? 30:18

21. Have you ever ready any of Dr. Lily's books? What do you think of ECCO? 31:43