November Favorite Floater - Elbert Hartman

Name: Elbert Hartman

Location:  Longmont, CO

Length of time you've been floating at home:  Floating at home since October, 2015. Floating at float centers since January 2015.

What made you get into floating and why do you love it?  

The Week magazine featured an article about floating that intrigued me and so I sought out floating to restore myself emotionally through my current life stressors.  

Floating has exceeded my expectations and has become a facilitator in propelling my life forward at both an unanticipated rate and to a degree of mental/physical/spiritual/emotional health that I never imagined was possible.  Because of the amazing experiences that I had from the very beginning, I was immediately invested in making floating an integral part of my life and started a regular, twice a week, floating practice.


Any cool experiences floating that you want to share?  

The most delightful experiences that I have had floating has been in the after effects.  While I continue to hope that I will have experiences like Dr. Lilly had, his experiences do not mimic mine at all.  Most of my floats are extremely boring by comparison.

At the same time, the effects that I have had are profound! The dreams that I have had reflect the tremendous, cataclysmic, psychological shifts that I have experienced through shedding unhealthy layers of myself and cultivating/re-connecting to other parts of myself. Since I began floating, I have lost over twenty-five pounds, resumed my long lost yoga practice and quit drinking alcohol completely. This is the first year that I have snowboarded in twelve years and I feel like a kid again, playing in this gigantic playground of life.  

My life has become extraordinary and I know that floating has played an instrumental part in allowing this to manifest within me.


Any tips, tricks, or advice you would share with other fellow floaters or Zen Tent owners?  

The only tip that I would share with others is to float, regularly. It’s too easy to make excuses and miss the opportunity to float today.  

Once I made floating a priority and scheduled it, so it was a planned part of my day, it became integrated into and enhanced the flow of my life instead of just being another box on my ‘to do’ list. In my opinion, there is nothing more important or divine than to connect with and become your ‘Deep Self!’