Floating As a Cold Remedy This Winter

With the cold and flu season underway, it's never too early to start taking extra precautions to avoid getting sick. But before you head to the store to grab some expensive over-the-counter medications, how bout' first floating in an isolation tank. 

Epsom Salts and Health

Research has indicated that epsom salts help to detoxify your body, increase your white blood cell count, and speed up the healing process during a cold.   In fact, doctors say it can help ease aches, calming the body as it fights the symptoms of a cold or flu. Floating in warm epsom salt water is also good for helping break nasal congestion.

Floating in epsom salts is so effective is because our skin is our largest organ for elimination of toxins and waste.  "Getting a virus is the body's way to force us to detoxify, and an Epsom salt bath is one of our favorite recommendations for a gentle detoxing," as said by Dr. Margaret Philhower. 

So what's the best way to absorb all that epsom salt? A float tank, of course.

The Zen Float Tent contains over 800lbs. of epsom salts. So, the next time you start to feel a cold coming on,  just hop in your tank and get ready for some instant cold-relief.   The heat from the water helps the skin to push out toxins from the body and epsom salts add magnesium and sulfur, both of which are supportive of the healing process. 


"This little guy is the answer to all my prayers. For the past 3 years I've gotten sick...so this  year I've decided to kick this damn colds ass before I get something serous again. Beyond grateful that I get to float daily in my apartment and rest my body, and also call it a job."     –Kelsey Beerthius, owner of Liquid Floa

What other natural cold remedies do you use during the winter time to avoid getting sick? Share them in the comments below!